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« “Kumpan Canada by Emobility embodies our vision of the green and connected mobility of the future! " »

Kumpan Electric of Canada of Emobility is the exclusive distributor of scooters for this territory.

 300x247px Jean Bedard

Jean Bédard, President and Founder for Kumpan Electric of Canada with


Our 54i:CONIC scooter model by Kumpan Electric*

*Not available at the moment in Canada

What describes us?

GmbH was set up in 2010 by brothers, Patrik, Daniel and Philipp Tykesson. Meanwhile, we have fervently and devotedly promoted eGmbH, producing high-performance E-Scooters at our home in Remagen!

  • Postgraduate e-scooters

Driving an e-scooter provides a great feeling of comfort when driving – on a Kumpan Electric it brings back amazing feeling. We fashion our vehicles and improve technical innovations ourselves. The passion and the stimulus with which we give birth to this, we want to pass it on to each of you. The joy and smile that Kumpan Electric brings from GmbH next to every single trip is our guarantee.

  • Family plan and engineering of the 1st generation

For us, the Mobility’s of Kumpan Electric, fellowship is beyond all else. Our main concern are the respect, trustworthiness, integrity, and stability of our merchandises. It is essential for us to achieve our intentions mutually with our partners and clienteles and done through our joint ownership. Behind the scooters of Kumpan Electric, there are people like you and me, and mainly not a heartless international. We remain faithful and care for each other.

  • Innovation AND technology

We are passionately refining the future of ecologically friendly e-mobility – so that by 2030 there will be even more e-scooters on European roads than current scooters. To accomplish our goal, we are persistently evolving our GmbH and investigating new ideas and technologies to the best of our skill. We place our heart and soul into designing our e-scooters, but also our leading-edge engineering eligibility and the up-to-date equipment.


An interview with one of the founder of Kumpan Electric and the popular scooter!

 See all of our models in a short video demo.

*Not all models are available at the moment in Canada

2 about us Kumpan show design scooter electrique Kumpan Canada

Zero emanations and quietness is the future of e-mobility 

Join us on our voyage towards a more ecologically friendly future, with wonderful individual and unchangeable mobility solutions for everyone. 

• Inspired, suitable and noiseless 

Our e-scooters at Kumpan Electric certify the enjoyment of a good drive and a lasting mobility and are all comfy. They do not release CO2, “refill” with electricity and work in all modesty. This is how our enterprise plans to conjoin in dropping CO2 productions and system groaning.  

• Ventures for the city of the future 

Road traffic in the city is regularly a stressful pill up. Oftentimes, you can only drive gently, and at crossroads, you sit tight upset for a long time in traffic flow jams. Once at the destination the distressing pursuit for a car parks space begins. The chance of public transport is frequently late, compacted, which does not get you to your terminal stop but only to the nearby environments. We afford you with a real resolution here, an e-scooter that offers you mobility and total sovereignty and which lets you reach your terminal in no time! 

Durability is more than a buzz word  

We are not taking our engines away. We are dedicated to zero emanation two-wheelers, resource-saving fabrication, little transport paths (90% of our scooters’ supplies come from Europe!) And toughness, also in reprocessing batteries. 

2 about us Kumpan show construction design scooter ebike kumpan Canada

Well-known for our chain of shareowners

We have persuaded renowned shareowners for the successful implementation of our objectives. These embrace Peter Carlsson (former director of Tesla and CEO of Northvolt), the company 4L Vision, expert in sustainable investments and led by Ralph Suikat, EIT InnoEnergy, a well-known European investor in durability energy modernizations , promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. 

In 2016, we also developed a crowdfunding campaign carried out using the Companisto platform. Subsequent our last fundraising round, at the end of 2019, we won back the Berlin start-up Scrooser, which manufactured the “very windy e-scooter” (quote from Gründerszene magazine). 



The 3 founders share with us the Kumpan Electric Scooter adventure, how they did it!

 Among our models for 2021, in Canada the 54i:conic  & 54i:mpulse are among the best sellers,  economy, security and reliability all in one with a Kumpan Scooter.

These models are distributed exclusively by  in Canada.

2 about us Kumpan Owners 3 freres fondateur Canada

                          *Certain models are not available at the moment in Canada

Who we are – 3x Tykesson

The Tykesson brothers are half-breed Swedish, so it’s safe to say they have durability in their body. At the beginning of 2010, the brothers Patrik, Philipp and Daniel Tykesson set out to contest the scooter sector, their goal: more driving enjoyment, a cool look and of course more persistence! Kumpan Electric  was set up.

2 about us Kumpan Owners Scooter Fondateurs Canada
Patrik Tykesson

Patrik Tykesson, is the oldest son. From an early age, his father trained him how to run his personal business. In order to make his dearest dream come true, Patrik finished his training and graduated from ISM in International Business Administration with training as a distributer and foreign trade. He spent longer stays abroad, in Asia and Africa, as well as in several European countries. These trips ultimately prepared him for running a worldwide operating business organisation.

2 about us Kumpan Owners dernier frere fondateur canada
Daniel Tykesson

Daniel Tykesson, the middle son, lives with his wife and son in Cologne and travels by train and Kumpan scooter from GmbH to our headquarters in Remagen. Daniel’s passion for developing GmbH on the boulevards of the world has grown following the birth of his son! He works in the finance department, for which his Masters at Lund University with a major in finance prepared him perfectly..

2 about us Kumpan Owners autre fondateur Canada

Philipp Tykesson

Philipp, the youngest of the siblings, is also the 3rd general manager. His post is in charge of the promotion and operations department. Could it be a fortuity that he chose exactly this trend during his studies at the ISM? Philipp bedazzles in his expert life with his restfulness, sporty and calm demeanor. Not only at Kumpan Electric, but also in private, it is he who inspires us to “Dream big”: besides a breakthrough of the ocean by sailboat, he desires for a long trip on Route 66 – with a Kumpan Electric, definitely!


Fact reviews No 1 on Kumpan electric Scooters,  how the experience of riding one is so amazing! By in Canada

Some of our customers decided to go on camera, to share the experience of having a Kumpan Electric Scooter.

Do you want to keep track more news about E-mobility’s Kumpan Canada?

We are always honored of new partnerships, new partnerships or associates for new-vendors. Let us know by writing to us and we will get back to you quickly!

Contact E-mobility’s Kumpan Canada (click on the link at the bottom)

Head Offices


Having an electric scooter even for a golf game By Kumpan Electric of Canada

Our Electric Scooters for a Golf Game are; quiet, fast, reliable, efficient that no one will notice the noise of your motor.  Be clean be green with our new models.  Distributed exclusively by

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