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We care about our vision of keeping up e-mobility daily Local resources

Local resource is a central pillar of our invention formula. Here we have a good ratio of around 90% of our resources coming in from Europe, close to 80% of our scooter body-parts originate from Germany and we favor to have source regionally.

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How people use the CONNECT APP with a Kumpan Electric Scooter, see a user in action

The Connect APP can be used with an Android phone or Apple phone,  you can download the APP  on the web, install it  and there you go ,  your phone is now connected your Kumpan Electric Scooter.


As a company established in Remagen, we are privileged to come to an area which is heavily influenced by mid-sized businesses.For example, our packaging cardboard originate from a local handicapped workshop and is prepared from recycled cardboard. Even our battery packs set up for our care now come from a German manufacturer. As part to the European Battery Alliance, we plan to dynamically maintain the completion of our investor Peter Carlsson's battery cell factory in Northvolt, Sweden, until we start moving to cells sourced from Europe. 

Digital office

 We work hard to boost our fervent creations, mainly with a vision to preserving renewable materials such as wood.

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Our eventual target is to develop a digital computerized office.Being aware of this, we have also decided to use purely digital PDF files instead of massive compendium printed from 2020. Consequently, we want to empower a reflex to make the planet a more green. 

Material-saving fabrication

 In our fabrication mechanism, we take excessive caution to preserve materials of all kinds in order to increase our longevity. By resources we mean not only valuable raw materials, but also wrapping materials, water, energy and storage room.

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Our e-scooters are still factory-made from materials, which symbolize we don't have huge chains on which mechanical arms mount the e-scooters, but rather hard-working coworkers who build every Kumpan Canada of E-mobility as a team. It is also important for us to decrease our transport routes and enhance them in the finest way. It is the same here that small midstream lead to huge rivers! 


Our world’s resources are decreased! This is the motivation why we pay attention to:

Protect natural resources by fabricating and procuring locally.

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Reduce the consumption of cardboard and recycle itEncourage our ecological e-scooters worldwideProtect energy in workplaces and daily activity

Fair-minded - Tap water alternatively of water receptacles

We encourage Fairantwortung GAG's Fair-minded campaign. This symbolizes that we encourage our employees not to consume bottled water, however to drink tap water as an alternative. This allows us to decrease our CO2 feeding and rescue on plastics. Tap water not only safeguards our ecology surroundings, but also retains our costs low - and water doesn't require to be carried in heavy tanks.

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Growing 100 million trees for a new biosphere

By vigorously endorsing Fairventures Worldwide’s 100 Million Trees campaign, we are helping out to make the planet respire healthier. Through this systemization, we are provided that farmers with the fiscal means they immediately need to hurry up with reforestation. The objective is to grow 100 million new trees for Borneo, Indonesia!


After a big fire that destroyed the Kumpan Electric Company in Germany….

One of the directors explain to us how they managed to get the company going again….How the logistics and the engineering departments  got together  to make the company great again.

How did the fire start,  it was a battery that caused this fire…

Today Kumpan Electric is proud to have among the best Electric Scooters in the worlds!

Here in Canada distribution is available with


Facts & explanation of;  “how the Connect App works on a Kumpan Electric Scooter.”

Get the real story form the conceptors of the CONNECT APP for all Kumpan Electric Scooters.



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