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Fashionable e-scooter sharing - You share for us; we take care of the rest!!


Putting our Kumpan Electric Scooter being put to the test.  See a school try them out in hard conditions….

An experiment was done with a team of drivers form a driving school where they had all to put the Kumpan Electric Socooters to the test…

See how they all handled amazing in every situations…

Kumpan = Quality= Reliable = For all


Fashionable e-scooter sharing is an indispensable pillar of the mobility of the future! 

A unique point of contact, all-in-one and tailor-made solutions Our e-scooters are highly-developed and manufactured in Germany and form the impeccable foundation for a lucrative sharing model: 

·       High-end, tour de force scooter

·        Groundbreaking, smart and successful high technology

·        An overjoyed success, trade edition in many German cities

·        An adjustable and tailor-made solution for your business 

Your custom-made configuration for a popular e-scooter sharing with Kumpan Canada from E-Mobilité electric

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Your set-up for a valuable scooter sharing experience with Kumpan electric


Logistic Support software

You operate and master your e-scooter fleet in a comfy and accomplish way thanks to fleet force organization logistic software connected to our Kumpan Canada scooters from E-mobility pass-through an open interface. Personalize the journey of your customers give thanks to a customizable application in the colors of your company and re-design the software configurations on the scooter according to your demands. You can bring up to date the battery software or the advertisements conveniently from the back office.

  • A controllable fleet from the back-end
  • An open interface
  • Adaptable and customizable software
  • Remote control


img kumpan display@3x 800x0 c default

Hardware (Local Supplies and electronic equipment)

Our e-scooters are industrialized and fashioned in such a way that they can overwork for a long time in bad weather conditions in sharing mode. The four season tires and leatherette saddles protect a safe and relaxed ride any time. The auxiliary engine crash bars protect vital e-scooter components in the event of a fatal accident. Lately developed LED lighting guarantees exceptional visibility, even in the pitch dark. Our telemetry powered E-mobility Kumpan Canada batteries are perfect for charging substructure and battery management system (BMS). Our anti-robbery bar can be activated electrically and protects the scooter against break-in.

  • High-end classical design
  • Bright lighting with LED bulb
  • Guaranteed and heavy-duty batteries
  • Safeguard against robbery

img kumpan sharing roller trans 800x0 c default

Connectivity state

Extreme-precise fleet current control: the status of the scooter can be tested at any time thanks to our 18 built-in high rank detectors. In addition, the scooter can also be started and lay off remotely. Even accidental damage or vandalism can sometimes be detected and detected from a distance. Many thanks to our brilliant telemetry module integrated into the battery, each of our scooters is automatically connected, throughout the world. Thus, the percentage of charge - whether the battery is in the two-wheeler or not - can also be checked at all times.

img kumpan roller lenker 768x0 c default

Are you interested to learn more about our sharing models?

It will be our pleasure principle to inform you about our sharing concept - whether it is an urban transport public model or a fleet for a company. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be available any times to answer to your questions!

Communication with us and we’ll get back on track with you, instantly!

Evo Sharing Oberhausen I 1920x0 c default

Investigate now

Sharing results and white tagging

Sharing precisely as you imagined it: we develop a custom-made solution in the colors you (or your company) want for both hardware and software program.

·    A unique white brand e-scooter

The trademark and the favorite colors for you (or your company) are designed and fashioned by our in-house graphic expert subdivision. Thanks to the open interface (API), the scooter can be easily connected to your own fleet administration software or to the one we suggest. The electronic locker also offers plentiful storage space for two matching white label helmets.

·    A satisfying and easy loan through an easy application

The app includes user name registration, identity verification, driver's license, and location, reservation and cashless payment for shared e-scooters. We can also design the application in the colors you want (or your company) and modify the range of functions exactly to your needs and ideas.

kumpan sharing nyc anschnitt 768x0 c default

Kumpan electric Canada at a glance

Your top pro sharing business partner!

We are passionate about it because we design, improve and produce our products in our German home of Remagen – with a particular concern to detail. Thanks to numerous sharing projects and the many years of experiences and passion of our employees, we have extensive industrial competence. This makes Kumpan Canada of E-mobility electric the best partner to plan, implement and enhance custom-made, sustainable and gainful sharing concepts! Your Kumpan Canada private advisor from E-mobility is at your disposition. Call us today and find out Kumpan Canada's many sharing solutions from E-mobility.

 img sharing coono 02 800x0 c default

Do you want to become an E-mobility Kumpan Canada sharing associate?

Let us find out the top best solution for your business together.

Don’t be hesitate to contact with us, we will be happy to guide you and make you a custom-made, free-of-charge offer!


A review by one the employee at Kumpan Electric Scooter Company, facts on all scooters….

They explain the process that each scooter goes thru for manufacturing, assembling…

How the final inspection of quality is done, and this for all scooters coming out of the plant.

See  for a Kumpan Electric scooter , for the Canada territory…




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