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Our vision at Kumpan Electric of Canada

Our vision at Kumpan Electric of Canada, distributed exclusively by in the Canadian territory, is to take people to greener, greener means of transport, with renewable energy that goes with the global warming agenda. planetary.

At the head of, the parent company which imports and has exclusive rights to the Kumpan Electric and Fantic brands, for Canada, a new high-end line is offered in this country, with top-notch after-sales service,  complete for the consumer.


With years of experience in retail Jean Bédard, is the man of the new vision for products intended for connoisseurs of quality and performance in terms of scooters or whether it is bikes (VAE) from the Fantic brand.


A little tour inside the Kumpan electric Company in Germany, see how production of e-scooters is handled….

Amazing logistics, quality control and an amazing assembling for all of the Kumpan Electric Scooter.

You can get your Kumpan Scooter here in Canada with the exclisve distribution by


The philosophy is to make products known to German technology, precise, efficient and especially in destined to PROS and to those who recognize the quality.


Serve you with renewable energies, thanks to new high-performance batteries, rechargeable in record time, autonomy (long duration) and especially with silent motors.


Doing business with the manufacturer Kumpan Electric of Germany, this supply partner allows to have; reliability, availability of spare parts, and above all people who know how to get up when it comes to the fire they have recently experienced at their factory.


See the videos  at the bottom.


 After the fire that destroyed the Kumpan Electric Company in Germany. (Electric Scooters)

How the team got together and reconstructed from bottom to top , The Kumpan Electric Company.

The world’s best E-scooter  …

A tour inside the Kumpan Electric Company along with the amazing team designing the world’s best electric scooters

When you invest with your team in a company, you get as a final result;  the best working area, the best product, the best design…..  Germany has tough us!

Welcome  inside the Kumpan Electric company, a scooter for the everyday life!

Quiet, fast, efficient and reliable get your Kumpan Today!


Visit our Our Scooters section of the site to see the models currently available in Canada.

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